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Special Warm-Up

Special warm-up is aimed at preparing the athlete to performing weightlifting exercises. This is done using a specially-supporting, and in some cases — and competitive exercises (simulated with gymnastic stick).

The total duration of the preparatory segment depends primarily on the preparation for the implementation of the main tasks of the main part, the temperature of the air in the room, engaged in individual reactivity, their mood and other factors. It usually lasts from 15 to 20 min. However, at the stage of initial training warm-up may be the duration to 30 minutes, because it solved the problem of the General physical preparation of young athletes. . The main part

Immediately after the preparatory part included exercises aimed at learning and improving the technique of competitive exercises. Why it is done that at the beginning of the main part? The fact that learning or improving technical elements makes extremely large demands trenbolone enanthate concentration and full readiness of the motor apparatus to perform complex coordination in relation to movements, i.e. when the nervous system is still not tired.

Not less important is the fact that the formation and dif-ferentiate new motor conditioned reflexes are optimal excitation of the nervous system. This condition is again generated immediately after the preparatory part. In many cases, weightlifting sports training technique occurs in combination in the first half of the main part of the study with the development of speed and speed-power capabilities. Confident execution of the competitive exercises allows you to increase gradually raise the weights, and consequently train together and special physical qualities of the athlete.

Along with the above mentioned factors you must take into account the fact that high-speed si-lovyh exercises performed after load a big volume, will not contribute steroids bodybuilding to the development of this quality in full measure. In the second half of the main part of the study, it is appropriate to use the character exercises power and power endurance (deadlifts, squats, presses, etc.).

However, it should be noted that in the sport of weightlifting the problem of optimal sequence of training means the main part of lessons, particularly for different age groups of athletes that are not solved and pending in-depth study.

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